Global Physique   Organisation CEO's committed to work with other Federations and Organisations in all countries around the globe to strive, with our vision of setting a stage for athletes globally to compete on in the best atmosphere possible.
a) The GPO will not impose any sanction or penalty, or otherwise interfere in any way with, any person on account of that person’s participation in any amateur bodybuilding or other amateur fitness contest offered by another organization, whether such person is an athlete, promoter, sponsor, vendor, or otherwise, and does not condone, ratify, facilitate or permit such actions by any GPO officer and/or employee.
b) All the judging criteria are focused on the athletic aspects of the male and female physique. All competitors are commonly called athletes, which means that the athletic component of the human body aesthetics plays a major role during the competitions. Criteria will vary according to the categories, but a focus of GPC is to promote a culture of physical aesthetics based on athletic and muscular bodies.
a) GPO official judges will be used for all shows.
b) The number of judges during the competition must be a minimum of 7 and maximum 11
c) The judge’s decision is final and non-negotiable.
d) To make the final scores the computer eliminates as many higher and lower scores to have 5 valid votes (example: with 7 judges we take away 1 high and 1 low, with 11 judges 3 high and 3 low).
e) The judge must behave according to his status and must not leave his post. no drinking, eating, taking photos or telephone calls during the competition. Speaking must be limited to the bare minimum and only about technical matters. The selected judges must wear their uniform during the whole competition.
a) All athletes, with no exception, must pay the show registration fee before any participation on stage.
b) It is the competing athletes’ responsibility to make themselves aware of all relevant competition rules & adhere to them.
c) Variations to classes, omissions to classes & additional classes are at the discretion of the promoter but must be approved by the head judge.
d) Any age relative class will require the athlete to produce ID at registration.
e) No background music shall include swear words, blasphemy or promote violence or racial hatred. In any instances of this happening the music will be stopped.
f) Lewd or gratuitous posing is not permitted.
g) Athletes must not lie on the stage as part of their individual routines.
h) The head judge has in exceptional cases the authority to remove or to not allow an athlete to step on stage if it is felt that the athlete has not reached a basic minimum standard required for a competitive athlete.
I. Men’s Physique
II. Men’s Bodybuilding
III. Men’s Classic Physique
I. Bikini
II. Figure
III. Women’s Physique
IV. Women’s Bodybuilding
V. Fitness
VI. Wellness
NOTE: At national level, subcategories are not compulsory. Show promoters can select subcategories appropriate to their local demographics. A show promoter is also allowed to add up to two additional categories of their choice to their event. However, these will not be qualifying categories for a Universe or World Championships event. Any additional categories must have judging criteria stipulated and understood by the judges prior to any ticket sales.
All athletes in categories with an individual posing routine will be requested to send their music via email address or bring on the day using a USB drive. Please state Name, Category, Music On or Off stage.
Athletes in the categories MENS PHYSIQUE – BIKINI – FIGURE – WELLNESS, are not required to perform a posing routine.
(For the categories Men’s Physique, Bikini, Figure & Wellness.)
During the presentation rounds, competitors will enter the stage one by one and introduced by number and name, individually and in numerical order. They will walk to the centre of the backstage (star 1) and perform front and back turns. From there they will go to the centre of the stage (place 2) stop, perform two poses to the public with optional pose of hand on hip or hand in pocket (if appropriate), then turn left and walk to the end of the stage (place 3), stop. Perform two poses to the public and then go to the other end of the stage (place 4), perform a final two poses to the public and then proceed to the side of the stage as directed by Head Judge or Stage Director.
If class sizes are large, then a box walk will be adopted. Starting position will be at the far right and back of stage. Then moving to stars 4, 2, then 3 before going to the back of the stage