Terms and conditions

Terms And Conditions GPS Netherlands

Article 1. Definitions
In these terms and conditions, the following definitions shall apply:

1.1. Matches: fitness and bodybuilding competitions GPO that is organized by
         GPO Netherlands Foundation.

1.1.1 Matches under the scrutiny of GPO-Netherlands

1.2. Organizer/organization:
          GPO-Netherlands Foundation is based in Den Helder with which the participant will enter into this agreement.

1.3. The participant:
          Is the person who has entered the contest under the scrutiny of the organization and has been admitted to participate

1.4. Agreement:
        The agreement between Organization and participant to participate in the contest. This
        General terms and conditions form an integral part of the agreement

Article 2. Participation

2.1. Participation in the competition is only possible if:
         • The registration form is fully completed and sent by the participant.
         • The registration fee for participation in the competition is paid 2 weeks before the competition
         • The speaker form fully and truthfully completed and sent to the Organization
         • Participant has agreed to the terms and conditions
         • A valid ID can be handed over

2.2. the participant may only participate in the contest if this natural person is at least the minimum age of 16 years on the day of the match.
          For international competitions the minimum age of 18 years.

2.3. Registration for the competition shall be made by means of the registration form on the website of GPO- Netherlands

2.4. Entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

2.5. It is not allowed for participant to share his/her rights under the contract to third parties.

2.6. Organization may, under conditions of exceptional reasons, decide to cancel the contest. Such a decision does not give any right to remboursement of the made     
         by the participant costs in relation to the contest.

Article 3. Liability

3.1. Participation is entirely at your own risk of the participant.

3.2. The organizer is not liable for any damage suffered by the applicant, that the
          Participant may suffer as a result of participation. This exclusion of liability applies also of serious damage types such as injury (whether or not permanent) or 

3.3. Operator is not liable for loss, theft or damage of property.

3.4 the applicant must be insured against the risk of the damage he/she or a Survivor may suffer following his death, injury or illness, caused by
        participation in the event.

3.5 by agreeing to the terms and conditions participant declares to be familiar with the fact that participation in the competition in good health both mental and 
         physical sense required, and to meet this requirement.

3.6 participant safeguards the Organization against liability for damages third parties suffer as a result of an act or omission attributable to the participant in relation
        to the contest. Applicant must be insured against the risk of liability or such damage.

3.7 participant safeguards the Organization against liability for damages if a third suffering at the hands of the participant, during his participation in the 
        competition,  unless this damage is a direct result of the Organization attributable to intent or gross negligence.

Article 4. Image rights

4.1 the participant grants permission to the Organization in advance for disclosure during or around the match captured pictures or images and such, which
        participant is visible.

Article 5. Personal data

5.1 The personal data provided by the participant by the organization included in a file. By accepting these terms and conditions participant grants permission to use
         the personal data to third parties for the purposes of the sending information. It is participant right to object in writing at any time allowed here
         against (per writing or email), after which Organizer providing the data to third parties will be discontinued. By participating, participant grants permission to the
         Organizer for disclosure of his/her name and competition results e.g. through publication on the internet or Facebook.

Article 6: rules of procedure

6.1  Participation in the contest is subject to the regulations of the GPO-Netherlands.Organization assumes that participant has read and complied with these rules.

Article 7: code of conduct

7.1 entering the area where the match location is at your own risk by Participant. Participant shall be deemed to follow the instructions of the Organization.

7.2 backstage access is only obtained with a personalized Ribbon/pass that participant will get upon registration by the organization. Without this, access for the
        backstage area will be declined by the security/crew. The individual ribbon/pass is not transferable. This rule is also for the coach(es) leading the participant.

7.3 in order to guarantee safety, the following items are not allowed on the premises or in the property: drugs, glass, cans, aerosol cans, weapons, and other
        dangerous objects. It is not allowed to obstruct the passage in the aisles or safety on what other way.

7.4 To create a good atmosphere participant needs to obey the following rules:
         • All participants have respect for each other and treat each other how he/she wants to be treated. Regardless of gender, faith, physique and performance.
         • All participants exhibit sporting behavior and respect to partners and governance
         • Sexual harassment and (non) verbal aggression by organization are not tolerated.
         • It is not allowed offensive and/or discriminatory comments in any way or form.
         • Participants who behave aggressively in any way and continue to persevere in bothersome and or offensive behavior can be removed by security of the                                 location.
          • If one does not respect the House rules can be denied entrance. Without a refund of entrance fees or catering credit. Denial of Access can also affect      
              participating or visiting upcoming events.
          • In the Commission of criminal offences the Organization will report to the police.

7.5 as a result of the national non-policy it is not allowed to smoke in publicarea’s . Smoking is permitted on the premises at the indicated smoking area’s.
        Alcohol can be served during the match. Alcoholic beverages may only be served to persons aged 16 and over. Excessive alcohol use will not be tolerated. At
        misconduct/alcohol abuse denial of the match location will follow. The security has permission to remove people there.
        Backstage alcohol may be used in limited form, if participant consumes this in preparation for the contest. If the participant gets a warning from the organization           because of behavioral problems, the participant will be removed and disqualified for the match.

7.6 Alcohol, drugs and anabolic agents are prohibited. Both the use as trading by participant and other people. If there is any suspicion access will be denied                               immediately, without a refund of the entry fee or catering credit.

7.7 If there are medical problems or flare-ups at participant expresses his/her coach any of the Organization, they bring you to the nurses, which will take over. If                    there is such a need or crisis that there is an imminent action, everything you need is there, including ambulance. If there is use of the ambulance, this will be                       recovered from the insurance of participant.

7.8 The tanning that participant uses should not stain. Participant may use the spray tan present. If participant uses own tanning, this may not Panatta, Dream-Tan or            other tanning that stains. Participant may be disqualified.
         Violations of the above rules of conduct can lead to:
          • Disqualification of matches
          •  Exclusion of at least 1 year of all national and international matches GPC.
          • Withdrawal of the match license
          • Reporting to the authoritative bodies

Article 8: change in the general terms and conditions
8.1 Organization reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, if needed.